Rental Agreement

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Rental Agreement

We are pleased to have you as our guests. In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, we provide these general rules and regulations for your review and agreement.

Guest Name ________________________  Reservation#_______________________

  1. the accommodation is privately owned and that neither JC Resorts nor the Owner shall be responsible for providing any additional furnishings or equipment not available or currently standard inventory for the unit.
  2. That deposit will apply toward total rent; and in the event of a default, the deposit will not be refunded without written notice to JC Resorts at least 30 days prior to arrival date. A cancellation fee of 20% of deposit will be applied to each cancellation. No deposit will be refunded if cancellation is made within 30 days prior to.
  3. Departure cleaning service is included in the total quoted rate. Guest is to empty all trash, load and start dishwasher, lock all windows and doors and return keys to the rental office and to leave the condominium in good condition. Guests understand that additional cleaning charges may be applied if these conditions are not met.
  4. That Check In time begins at 4:00 pm EST (4:00 pm EST to 6:00 pm EST on Saturdays in peak seasons) and that Check Out time is 10:00 am EST. Guests understands that penalty fees may be applied if the conditions regarding departure are not met.
  5. To make a reservation, you must be at least 25 years of age.  You cannot check in unless this requirement is met. The responsible person, 25 years of age or over, must be with your party at all times. We have strict rules requiring parents/responsible adults to be on the property at all times.  We do not rent for any parties, functions, “beach week”, and/or non-family type spring break rentals.

  6. Guests will have no more in the accommodation and/or on property, than stated/listed below:

    Total number of people over age 12: __________ 

    Names & ages of each: __________

    Total number of people age 12 or under: __________ 

    Names & ages of each: __________

Guest understands that no others may occupy the accommodation for any reason. Guest understands that all guests/occupants must be registered and that facilities/amenities are for the use of registered guests only. Extra adults are charged at $10 per person, per night, plus applicable taxes. You will be asked to check out immediately if it is determined you have more than the above-listed guests or have exceeded occupancy limits.

  1. To indemnify Owner and /or Property Management Company for any damage to the unit, grounds, furnishings, equipment and household items therein which occur during the guest’s period of occupancy, excluding normal wear and tear. Guest understands that an open credit card with imprint/signature on file is required at Check-In to cover any damages, incidentals, and/or outstanding charges.
  2. That no pets are permitted in any accommodation or on grounds for any reason.
  3. That if for reasons beyond JC Resorts control, the accommodation reserved becomes unavailable, JC Resorts reserves the right to substitute with another.
  4. That if a guest or any member of his/her party violates conditions of this agreement; JC Resorts may terminate this and enter the premises by force or statutory proceedings. JC Resorts has final authority. Guests agree to abide by rules and regulations established at each condominium property. This includes rules concerning parking and other regulations established by Management, property Board of Directors and/or owners.
  5. That one or more closets and/or storerooms may be locked for owner’s private storage and are not included in this rental.
  6. That even the best equipment, appliances, air conditioners, televisions, etc. occasionally malfunction. We cannot guarantee them to perform 100% of the time.

    We do guarantee to correct the problem as soon as possible. Refunds/discounts are not provided for non-working appliances, amenities, etc.

  7. That JC Resorts, or the Owner of the accommodation rented shall not be liable for damage or injury to guests or other person, or to any property on the premises or any part thereof, or in common areas thereof; and guest agrees to hold JC Resorts and Owner harmless for any claims for damage no matter how caused. JC Resorts will not be held responsible for acts of theft or vandalism or other damage to guests’ personal property.

Guest certifies that he/she has read carefully this agreement and agrees to abide by rules and regulations of the condominium property and those stated in the

Guest signature: ______________________________________________   Date: ___________

Guest cell phone number:  ________________________   OFFICE USE: Rec’d. /JC Resorts___________________

GUEST RENTAL AGREEMENTS, along with deposits, must be received in our office within 14 days of making reservations. We cannot guarantee reservations without deposit and a signed/completed GUEST RENTAL AGREEMENT.  Subsequent changes to GUEST RENTAL AGREEMENT must be submitted in writing. YOU WILL NOT BE CHECKED IN WITHOUT AN EXECUTED AGREEMENT.


Via Email to:

Via Fax to: 727-397-8894 or 727-593-9600

*Changes to existing reservations must be made in writing*

Helpful Hint

PLEASE NOTE: ALL RESORTS – No glassware, glass bottles, containers, etc., are allowed on the pool or spa decks or in the pool, spa, grill or tennis areas. 

BEACH COMMUNITIES do not allow any glassware, glass bottles, containers, etc., on the beach.